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Create an Informed Delivery® Interactive Campaign Today

Put your mail in your customers’ email with Informed Delivery® from USPS®. Daily emails offer your customers a peek into their mailbox from anywhere and, for you, one mailing delivers two impressions to help achieve your business KPIs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Informed Delivery® for business mailers.


Implement an Informed Delivery® interactive campaign. Consumers love it—up to 93% would recommend the service to friends, family, and colleagues.1

  • Reach engaged consumers. Every day, Informed Delivery® users generate up to 70% email open rates.2
  • Increase interaction. Generate multiple impressions from a single mailpiece, potentially increasing the ROI for your campaigns.
  • Encourage faster responses. Exclusive offers, interactive content, and a clear call-to-action inspire up to 84% of users to act on promotions every month.3
  • Expand your reach and audience base. Reach customers by synchronizing your physical and digital touchpoints.
  • Measure campaign performance. Gain valuable insights that can help optimize your marketing spend.

1“Consumer Survey,” USPS, April 2018.