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5 USPS Web Tools for a Better Online Shipping Experience

5 USPS Web Tools for a Better Online Shipping Experience

Delivering a simple purchasing experience for online shoppers starts with a seamless checkout experience. The USPS® Web Tool Kit of application programming interfaces (APIs) gives businesses the tools they need to provide reliable shipping information and features right on their websites.

Baymard Institute estimates that $260 billion worth of lost orders could have been saved with a better checkout flow and design.

Discover five shipping APIs from USPS® that can improve your customers’ checkout experience.


This tool allows customers to easily calculate shipping rates for domestic and international packages on your checkout page.

The Price Calculator API from USPS® uses a customer’s ZIP Code™ location, as well as the weight of the item(s) being ordered, to determine the shipping rate for their purchase. This gives customers a fuller understanding of what they’ll pay and helps you avoid losing sales.

Integrate Price Calculator APIs

23% of surveyed shoppers said they have abandoned a purchase because they couldn’t see or calculate the order total up front.1

an Address

Integrate this tool to validate addresses as customers enter them. This helps ensure that packages reach the right destinations and can minimize money waste from returned packages.

The Verify an Address API from USPS® matches the address a customer inputs to the official USPS address database. This cuts down on costly human errors and appends the ZIP +4® Code, allowing you to locate an address with even more accuracy.

Integrate Address Verification API

10.4 million customers a year incorrectly enter their addresses when buying products.2,3

Track a

This tool provides customers with estimated delivery dates and tracking information for their eligible packages from pickup to delivery.4

Tracking is a crucial aspect of the customer experience that drives trust. The Track a Package API allows you to show customers delivery-date estimates and tracking information for certain packages sent using USPS® services.

Integrate Package Tracking API

93% of surveyed customers want retailers to communicate tracking updates at least daily.5

Print a
Shipping Label

These tools generate shipping labels for your business using validated customer information and make it simple to create return labels for customers to send back items.

46% of shoppers abandoned their cart because a retailer didn’t offer free return shipping.7

The Shipping Label APIs generate labels with postage, tracking and a number of optional extra services designed to enhance both the mailer and the consumer shipping experience.

The Electronic Merchandise Return Service Labels API makes it easy for dissatisfied customers to generate a return label. In addition, USPS supports other web services for returns labels and your local USPS sales representative is available to assist with creating your return label. As nearly half (48%) of online shoppers surveyed said that they returned an online purchase over the course of a year, this is an important feature to offer.1

Integrate Shipping Label APIs

95% of shoppers who are satisfied with a company’s return policy said they would buy from that retailer again.6

Look Up
Delivery Dates

This tool locks in customer orders by displaying estimated or guaranteed delivery dates as they check out.

The Service Standards and Commitments APIs use the origin and destination ZIP Codes™ to determine when packages will arrive. Depending on the service used to ship (such as Priority Mail or First-Class Mail), an estimated or, when using Priority Mail Express, guaranteed date will be displayed. Giving customers this information helps them make a purchase with certainty.

Integrate Delivery Dates APIs

80% of surveyed customers want a specific time window telling them when to expect their delivery.4


A better online checkout experience, thanks to reliable and accurate shipping tools, can help improve sales and cut down on cart abandonment. With USPS APIs, delivering that experience takes no effort — the process is automatic once the APIs are installed.

In many cases, a sales executive is also available to assist with your business needs, connecting you with the operational and technical expertise you need to integrate a combination of these tools and keep your business running smoothly.

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4Please note: The Track a Package API provides estimated delivery information and tracking for packages shipped via Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed® or Priority Mail Express International® services. It provides only tracking information for packages shipped with USPS Tracking®, Delivery Confirmation™, Certified Mail® or Registered Mail™ services.

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9Please note: Scheduled delivery date and time depend on origin, destination and Post Office™ acceptance time. Some restrictions apply. For additional information, visit the Postage Calculator at