Creating Interactive Experiences with Informed Delivery®

The United States Postal Service’s new Informed Delivery® feature allows organizations to connect their hardcopy mail and digital marketing strategies by providing users with a preview of their mail before it arrives — viewable via USPS® mobile app, email notification or online dashboard.1 This coordinated, double impression allows users to interact with digital content associated with their mailpiece. As a result, the Informed Delivery feature provides businesses with the opportunity to further showcase their well-designed mailpieces by expanding the reach of their mailing campaign.2

The Informed Delivery feature also provides mailers with valuable data, such as email open rates and click-through rates. This data appears in reports that allow businesses to evaluate the success of their campaign and root their decisions in metrics.3 Read on to learn more about supplemental content and find out how a real company has used this innovative feature.

Using Supplemental Content

Informed Delivery users can view a grayscale image of the exterior, address side of their letter-size mailpieces.4 At a minimum, organizations conducting an Informed Delivery interactive campaign are required to include a ride-along image and target URL to accompany this grayscale image. This supplemental content makes a campaign interactive and helps businesses enhance their call-to-action by providing consumers with an additional, digital impression. Following the best practices below can help make campaigns more effective by driving user action5:

  • Sync the design of the ride-along image with the mail piece and grayscale image to maintain consistency.
  • Treat the ride-along image as a branded, clickable button with a strong call-to-action, such as “Click Here” or “Sign-up Today.”
  • Include a target URL that takes the user to a website or social media platform.
  • See our Campaign Image Requirements document on our Informed Delivery for Business Mailers website for image specifications.

Mailers also have the opportunity to enhance their Informed Delivery campaign by replacing the grayscale image with an optional, full-color image known as a representative image. Mailers conducting campaigns on flat-size pieces, such as periodicals or catalogues, are required to use a representative image as images of flats are not captured or presented to users.

How One Company Used Supplemental Content

Ride-along Image

ESPN was one of the very first mailers to test Informed Delivery interactive campaigns with the USPS. For each periodical they mailed, they conducted an Informed Delivery interactive campaign by providing USPS a color copy of the front cover of their magazine to use as a representative image. The ride-along image demonstrates how supplemental content can strengthen a campaign’s call-to-action; the image prompts users to give a gift subscription. This ride-along image uses the design best practices outlined on the site linked above to encourage users to take a desired action. Additionally, the representative image gives subscribers a preview of the magazine arriving soon. ESPN’s Informed Delivery campaign enabled the company to connect and engage with subscribers in new, innovative ways.

In Summary

Hardcopy mail and digital marketing strategies should not stand alone. Informed Delivery bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds to create an innovative experience for consumers. This feature allows businesses to reach their customers in a new way that aligns with today’s increasingly digital environment.

3 Tips for Successful Marketing with Informed Delivery®

It can be tough to create an effective marketing campaign that cuts through the daily digital clutter. It often means changing strategies, testing new concepts and broaching new messaging territories — all things that you might approach with hesitation.

But Informed Delivery from the United States Postal Service (USPS)® can help your business break through. The service allows participating customers to see what’s coming in the mail, from their email.

The Informed Delivery email, sent daily, includes black and white images of the physical mailpieces, as well as connected calls-to-action that the sender — a business owner like you — can customize to get the most out of the service.

If you’re interested in using Informed Delivery for your next direct mail campaign, here are three best practices, learned from real marketers who use it successfully.

Optimize Your Mailpiece

In the daily Informed Delivery email, your mailpiece is displayed in grayscale. Take this into account while designing: will the color contrasts still read in black and white? Does your message still come across?

It’s also important to think about the format of your physical piece. Odd shapes — even squares — and catalogs can’t be scanned like traditional postcards and letters, and thus won’t be displayed as images in the email. Instead of investing in that format of direct mail, consider investing in ride-along digital content that connects with the mailpiece. That video, animation or digital experience can be linked in the daily email to add a second touchpoint with your customer.

Entice with Ride-Along Content

In the daily email, ride-along content appears in color beneath the image of your mailpiece. Consider it a personalized, helpful complement to what participating customers will see in their physical mailbox. For example, did you know more than half of bills are paid online? If your business sends bills and uses Informed Delivery, ride-along content could feature a link, driving recipients to pay their bill online.


of bills are paid online.1

If you’re mailing promotions for new stores or products that these customers may not have connected with in person yet, build awareness quickly and effectively by sharing content that introduces the business in a memorable way — like a great video — or encourages another connection — like following your company on social media.

Enhance Using Data


of customers view their Informed Delivery alerts on mobile devices.2

They also value seeing what’s in the mail while they’re traveling as a top reason for using Informed Delivery. These types of data points can help you continuously improve on customer experience. Make your ride-along content mobile friendly, and offer the convenience of acting on your mailpiece’s call to action — like paying bills or taking advantage of a sale — even if customers don’t see the physical mail.

As you continue to use Informed Delivery, you’ll also gather data more specific to your business. Use that information to retarget your audience in a more effective and personalized way, whether with more physical mail or through other digital experiences.

Key Takeaway

Enhancing your direct mail is easier than you might think. With Informed Delivery, you get three touchpoints — email, digital ride-along content and the physical mailpiece — all in one swoop. Don’t hesitate to make the most out of your direct mail and create lasting engagements with shoppers.

How Informed Delivery® Can Triple the Impact of your Marketing Message

In a world inundated by ads, it can be challenging as a business to reach your audience effectively. Help your marketing messages make a greater impact. With Informed Delivery® from the United States Postal Service, you can connect one direct mail campaign with potential customers three times: through email, digital ride-along content and the mail piece itself. Watch our video to see how your direct mail can reach customers in the physical and digital worlds, and help deliver improved sales and ROI.