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The Most Important Dates of the 2017 Retail Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, retail businesses must keep a laser focus on the busiest season of the year. The final months of the year are filled with peak shopping days and peak return days. To help capitalize on profits, we’ve made sure to note 2016’s highest grossing billion-dollar shopping days. Get an early start making decisions about stock replenishment, holiday marketing and return communications—all by using the calendar below. Print it, bookmark it or download it for easy access in the busy season ahead.


  • 23 Thanksgiving1
  • 24 Black Friday, 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Day2
  • 25 Small Business Saturday, 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Day2
  • 26 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Day2
  • 27 Cyber Monday, #1 Desktop Shopping Day3
  • 28-30 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Days2


  • 1-10 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Days2
  • 11 Green Monday, 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Day2
  • 12 2016 Billion-Dollar Desktop Shopping Day2
  • 23 Retail Super Saturday: The Saturday Before Christmas
  • 25 Christmas1
  • 26 #1 In-Store Return Day4
  • 27-30 Consumer Preferred In-Store Return Days5


  • 1 New Year’s Day1
  • 2 Consumer Preferred In-Store Return Day5


Visualizing the Road Ahead

Businesses intent on surpassing their 2016 holiday sales must make adjustments to tactics from the previous year. Keep these important dates in mind as you fine-tune your holiday strategy. Print our calendar for easy access during the most important days of the year.

1Please note: Shipping providers may be closed or offer limited services.

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5“2015 SAS Holiday Shopper Survey” Copyright © 2015 SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Contact SAS Institute Inc. for additional republication requests.

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