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Six Ways to Approach Logistics with a Flexible Mindset

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Volatility is inherent in supply chain and logistics. Learn from leaders who have navigated choppy waters and succeeded thanks to flexible thinking.

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Volatility is a reality for most businesses. From unforeseen external events causing an unanticipated spike in demand to a factory shutdown creating an inventory shortage, change can come without warning. Unplanned and unprecedented supply chain disruptions like these force retailers to jump into the deep end of logistical change without the years of preparation they may have been planning on.

Businesses need to evaluate where they are vulnerable and adapt wisely to stay steady, now and into future. The good news: This isn’t impossible.

To help businesses tackle the challenges of today while preparing for success tomorrow, USPS gathered the unique perspectives and guidance of five leading experts in logistics:[1]

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  1. [1]USPS Delivers interviewed five leading experts in logistics between May 2020 and July 2020.

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