Conducting a proprietary study with SIS International Market Research, USPS Delivers has uncovered the current role AI plays in the marketing industry. Read the stats below, then try our tool to learn how your company can put AI to work.

Brands are just getting started.

Only 8% of marketers surveyed said the internal talent at their organization was well-equipped to implement AI.1

70% of marketers surveyed said they were still researching or experimenting with AI marketing tools.1

But results can’t be denied.

100% of marketers surveyed who used AI said it helped improve their click-through rate.1

48% of marketers surveyed who used AI said it helped automate processes during the holidays.1

Start with a goal in mind.

During interviews, pro after pro recommended focusing on a business concern and implementing from there.

“It’s not like AI is this awesome hammer and all you need to do is find a bunch of nails. It comes down to what business problems you want to solve.” – Machine learning expert1

1“AI for Retail Marketers,” SIS International Market Research, 2019.