Shipping - Digital Experience | 7-min.

The Reverse Logistics Landscape

Returns can make or break an e-commerce business. Proprietary research from USPS Delivers, conducted with Provoke Insights, reveals valuable tactics for creating a functional and competitive reverse logistics plan.

Read the highlights below, then get the full slate of insights to see how your business can create a streamlined and successful return policy.

The Highlights:

  • Return rates are holding steady.
    Across industries and channels, companies are seeing returns at an average rate of 10%.
  • Because customers have high expectations.
    Most often, these returns come from customers changing their minds after purchasing an item (43%) and products not meeting customer expectations (29%).
  • But processes aren’t keeping up.
    Surprisingly, many companies seem to have all but ignored returns: 63% have no infrastructure dedicated to returns while 12% have no reverse logistics policy at all.

Learn top tactics from industry insiders that will take your reverse logistics process to the next level.