The B2B market has shifted. The buyer, once beholden to a company’s sales team for all information, is now much more independent. Thanks to the internet, today’s B2B buyer does their own research, reading company websites, social media and thought leadership articles.

The pressure is now on the B2B marketer to hook this audience and reel it in. Luckily, there are strategic solutions for this very problem. Read on to learn seven tactics your company can use to convert B2B buyers and drive sales.

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  1. 1. Account-based Marketing

    This strategy can help you attract B2B buyers by concentrating marketing resources on a specifically defined set of target accounts. That way you can launch personalized campaigns designed to resonate with these special accounts.

    Tightly aligned sales teams grow their revenue 24% faster.1

  2. 2. Social Media

    The B2B buyer now uses social media to research a company’s offerings. Professional networking sites in particular have shown to be effective in generating leads. Brand your leadership on social media to help your company build trust with buyers.

    More than half of B2B decision makers are searching for information on social media.2

  3. 3. Content Marketing

    This marketing strategy allows your business to promote itself through thought leadership and capture leads in the process. Show your credibility and authority in your industry by creating digital content—articles, white papers, infographics, etc.—that is informative and snackable.

    30% of marketers say content marketing is their most effective marketing tool.3

  4. 4. Interactive Media

    Interactive content helps you capture your audience’s attention and keep it. It turns marketing from a passive process of consumption into a dynamic conversation and creates a dialogue between marketer and buyer. Consider creating contests, games, quizzes and more.

    79% of marketers say interactive media helps drive repeat visits to their site.4

  5. 5. Remarketing

    Remarketing uses cookies to gather data on potential customer actions, then targets them with digital ads. With this technology, you can show different messaging to old customers, new customers and potential customers. Using the data behind it, you can also understand your audience on a more granular level.

    This tactic has been proven to increase click-through rates, decrease unsubscribe rates and increase conversions and sales.5

  6. 6. Micro-Moment Marketing

    Micro moments are the short moments throughout the B2B buyer’s journey that inform their decision-making and shape their preferences. They are the moments when users turn to their phones to act on an impulse to learn, do, watch or buy something.6 Optimize your marketing to be relevant and mobile-friendly in order to capitalize.

    Research shows that mobile impacts 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies.7

  7. 7. Direct Mail

    Direct mail has proven itself as a marketing channel again and again. Now, it’s also an effective data collection device. Automation, tracking and data-collection systems can now be combined with direct mail for individualized and targeted B2B marketing.

    Direct mail response rates have been steadily climbing with a 37% increase since 2015.8

Key Takeaway

Though the B2B buyer may be changing, marketers have more tactics than ever to reel in these clients. Social media. Content marketing. Direct mail. Consider combining a few or all of the tactics mentioned above to better target your B2B buyers. Looking to learn more about all seven tactics? Dive into our latest white paper: 7 Customer-Centric Trends in the B2B Space.

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