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Packing Alternatives for the Eco-Responsible

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Mushroom foam. Cornstarch peanuts. Recycled cardboard. The newest eco-friendly shipping products offer fresh ways to go green.

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Since the start of the environmental movement, companies have been on the hunt for sustainable business solutions. Some have chosen to create energy-efficient products, while others set up shop in buildings with LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Packaging has become one more viable option, allowing businesses to limit their carbon footprint on the world. Explore the variety of ecofriendly options on the market today.

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

These materials are made of corrugated cardboard boxes and paper recycled by consumers and larger industrial companies. Not only are they easily available, they are also biodegradable and non-toxic. By using their recycled forms, companies lessen their carbon footprint. The materials can also be recycled themselves. Businesses can work with packaging manufacturing companies to find environmentally friendly solutions made with a high proportion of recycled paper.


This green material can be used for limited-use products like take-out boxes, other food packaging and packing peanuts. Cornstarch peanuts can protect and support items when shipped and can fit almost any-size shipping container. They’re also biodegradable. When static-free organic cornstarch decomposes in water, it leaves no toxic waste. Numerous packaging companies offer this eco-friendly option.

“While there are many ways to help a business go green, packaging provides a number of eco-friendly options.”

Eco-Friendly Plastic

Companies looking to move away from more harmful plastic materials can invest in a greener alternative. There are a number of different kinds of eco-friendly plastic packaging on the market today. Some are made from recycled polythene, which lessons greenhouse emissions by using less plastic in the manufacturing process. Others are completely degradable and decompose in landfills in the presence of light, heat and water.

Packaging Made with Mushrooms or Organic Materials

This sustainable material is made of mycelium, also known as mushroom roots. Using agricultural waste, companies are able to grow foam-like packaging. The fibers in the mushroom bind the waste creating a solid end product. Because this product is grown, it’s also highly customizable and perfect for any number of businesses. Not only is it non-toxic, this packaging is biodegradable, compostable and rapidly renewable.

Making the Right Decision

While there are many ways to help a business go green, packaging provides a number of eco-friendly options. Businesses can lessen their impact on the environment by starting an open dialogue with their current packaging providers. Many manufacturers and online retailers offer eco-friendly alternatives suitable for a multitude of applications and industries. Whatever the material—cornstarch, recycled paper, even mushrooms—a green packaging solution is available on the market today.

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