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Direct mail is the perfect way to make a personalized connection with each of your customers. It’s an interaction that can be completely integrated with your digital and broadcast brand experiences—to drive more sales with new prospects and loyal customers. Best of all, direct mail is a smart way to use your marketing dollars. How smart? Use this calculator to find out.

Direct Mail Marketing Impact Calculator

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How to use the Direct Mail Marketing Impact Calculator

Enter your estimated budget, campaign, and product numbers in each field. Once every field has been completed, your return on marketing dollars will be calculated automatically.

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Ready to start making an impact with direct mail?

Whether you need some direct mail advice or are ready to get your campaign going, our team of USPS experts is ready to help:

  • Refine your return on investment (ROI) analysis.
  • Inspire your creativity with examples of the latest innovations in direct mail.
  • Get you up to speed on proven ways to improve customer engagement.

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This report is an estimate based on your input only. A complete analysis will be provided by a USPS Direct Mail Representative when you request an audit. Postal rates are based on USPS rates published in January 2016. Subject to change.