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Every Door Direct Mail® 101: An Introduction for Businesses

Tutorial - 7 Min. Read

This guide outlines the basics and benefits of using Every Door Direct Mail® to raise awareness and sales and ensure each campaign is a success.

Aerial view of a residential area.

At any size or stage, customer acquisition is a top priority for businesses. With a myriad of ways to find and convert potential customers, establishing the most efficient and effective marketing method is vital to success.

For businesses trying to reach a specific audience, especially one in their proximity, Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) may be the answer.

What is EDDM?

This service from USPS® lets businesses send geographically and demographically targeted direct mail to households across the U.S.

EDDM Search

Using an online mapping tool, businesses may choose postal routes within specific ZIP Codes™ and leverage U.S. Census data on age, household income and household size to hyper-target their audience. Any household on the route that fits the targeted profile will receive the mailpiece.

The process eliminates the need for a customer list, whether compiled or purchased, which saves businesses from extra costs and potential inaccuracies. Plus, it opens up a business’s reach: Any household that fits the filters comes into reach with EDDM.

EDDM is built for businesses with a local pool of prospective customers and is especially effective for businesses working to:

  • Acquire new customers, especially within a specific local area
  • Build awareness for a location
  • Drive traffic to a location, on foot or online
  • Spend efficiently on marketing

Direct mail is a simple way to reach high-potential customers in a way that works.


of survey respondents said that they almost always read advertisements that come in the mail.[1]


response rates, compared to the 1% or less response rate for email, paid search, online display ads and social media.[2]

Explore how the EDDM tool works, then read on for benefits and best practices of using this direct mail service.

The Benefit to Businesses

EDDM helps businesses drive awareness and traffic within their community to build a strong network of local customers.

It is a method that works for new and established local businesses. While new businesses can use EDDM to introduce themselves and share their story with the community, established businesses can expand to other populations or spread the word about new offerings.

For any business, EDDM may deliver a valuable boost in key areas:

More Customers

For an existing business looking to attract more customers and drum up sales, or a new business in search of an early audience, it pays to spread the message locally. Here are two successful case studies:

  • A car wash franchise with eight locations in Virginia used EDDM to find new customers and encourage them to visit the nearest location. The campaign produced a 20 percent increase in sales.
  • A remodeled fast-food location in Colorado saw a 7 percent increase in sales after using EDDM in conjunction with digital advertising.

Sending targeted messages to potential customers in your community may help solidify your market share.

Stronger Returns

Rather than investing in a mailing list that may be expensive and out of date, EDDM allows businesses to affordably connect with consumers in an area using data-driven tactics.

Targeting the right demographics within a set geographic area means that the message reaches the most potential customers. By using data analytics, the chances for a high ROI are stronger. Here’s how one business did just that:

  • A real estate agent’s office used EDDM to reach high-net-worth households for their luxury real estate business. They earned a listing for a $2.5 million lakefront home from an EDDM mailing that cost them less than $500.

When you’re able to reach your target business audience, your investment will go far.

Increased Consumer Interest

Awareness and interest are two prime drivers for many businesses using EDDM. Using demographic and geographic data may help a business reach its ideal audience.

  • A manufacturer of packaging solutions used EDDM to find entry-level talent for one of their facilities. They targeted a pool of people by location, age and household income, and found that 90% of candidates interviewed were recruited via the mailpiece.

Isolating a business need and using the demographic and geographic filters may help a business find the right population of people to fulfill its goal.

Considerations and Tips for Using EDDM

EDDM delivers significant benefits for many businesses. Use this checklist to help optimize mail mix decisions to meet your business’s marketing needs.

First, determine if EDDM is the right direct mail option:

  • Do you know who your exact target audience is?
  • Do you need to reach your target audience in a specific geographic area?

If not, EDDM might not be the best solution. Explore other direct mail solutions instead.

With these questions answered, use this advice from USPS printing and mailing partners to start creating an effective direct mail campaign with EDDM.

  • Pick your message wisely. While a direct mailpiece may target only one person in a household specifically, ensure that the messaging (both written and visual) won’t alienate or isolate other members.
  • Include an offer or call to action. Direct mail is sent to drive action—don’t forget to communicate what that action should be. Use a strong CTA and include a timely offer. This can also help when measuring the return and effectiveness of a piece.
  • Work with a designer or creative team. It’s important for the direct mailpiece to look professional and represent the business well. Bring on a designer or creative team to communicate your vision and message clearly and in a way that will entice right out of the mailbox.
  • Measure the results to determine success. Metrics of success—like visits, referrals, code redemptions or sales increases—are vital for any marketing campaign. Before mailing, set up a way to track the results of the campaign and determine success.
  • Consider creating a campaign with multiple touch points. Depending on the business and outcomes a campaign is created to drive, it could be beneficial to think about the bigger picture. Develop a long-term campaign by sending mail several times over a few months.

Build a Campaign With These USPS Authorized EDDM Affiliates

Deploying a successful EDDM campaign starts with finding a USPS authorized affiliate. Working with a company that specializes in EDDM targeting, printing and mailing saves time and helps to ensure that your campaign goes out successfully.

Explore these six USPS authorized EDDM affiliates and the option of a USPS authorized EDDM affiliate helping your business target, create and send an EDDM campaign.


Amazingmail Screenshot

Amazingmail® helps create and execute an EDDM campaign in full, from design to mailing. Businesses create a mailpiece using Amazingmail’s free online editor and basic design templates, or upload their own. From there, Amazingmail prints and mails custom-designed postcards in one business day.

Try Amazingmail

AMPlified Mail

AMPlified Screenshot

AMPlified Mail℠ provides design, printing and EDDM mailing services for postcards and bifolds. Businesses may create a mailpiece using AMPlified Mail’s free online editor and design templates, or upload their own. The company also offers response and ROI reporting, in addition to USPS delivery tracking information.

Try AMPlified Mail


Click2Mail Screenshot

Click2Mail™ offers creation, printing and mailing services for businesses sending an EDDM campaign. Businesses connect with Click2Mail’s creative team for graphic design services, or download guides for designing and creating direct mailpieces on their own. Once the mailpiece is designed, Click2Mail can print and mail the postcards in one business day.

Try Click2Mail

Grow Mail

GrowMail Screenshot

Grow Mail provides full-service EDDM campaign solutions, including creation, printing and mailing services. Businesses connect with Grow Mail’s creative team for mailpiece design (as well as other branding and graphic services), or download generic templates for different business types to create their own designs.

Try Grow Mail (PFL)

PFL Screenshot

PFL is a one-stop shop for a business’s EDDM campaign needs, including printing, mailing and creation guidelines. Businesses download templated guides for a large variety of mail types, from postcards to catalogs to table tents and more, to assist in the design process.

Try Printing For Less


Taradel Screenshot

Taradel is a full-service direct mail preparation service, specializing in creating, printing and mailing EDDM campaigns. Businesses create a mailpiece using Taradel’s free design templates, uploading their own or working with a professional.

Try Taradel

Key Takeaway

Every Door Direct Mail provides businesses with a cost-efficient way to spread targeted messages to potential customers in focus areas. In leveraging ZIP Codes™ and U.S. Census data, businesses gain access to a precise, hyper-targeted audience without having to compile, update or buy mailing lists.

Not only does this service help marketers avoid the extra costs and potential inaccuracies of old data, but an EDDM campaign done right may drive an increase in sales, a boost in awareness and a powerful ROI.

Ready to get started on an EDDM campaign?

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Need more information before diving in?

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  1. [1]Richard Carufel, “Direct mail still works in 2019—how it fits in with integrated marketing,” Agility PR, Jan. 4, 2019.
  2. [2]DMA Response Rate Report, 2018.

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