Find Out How Much Shipping Surcharges Impact Your Bottom Line

Left unmonitored, your carrier’s shipping surcharges can add up quickly. This simple calculator is designed to help you estimate the annualized surcharges you may be paying.

Once you uncover your surcharges, you can request a free audit of your entire shipping operation from a USPS® shipping specialist to identify opportunities for further reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Enter your average ground package line item info

Average Ground Package Zone Find your package zone.
Average Ground Package Weight Maximum Weight of 70 lb
Base Package Rate1
Do You Typically Ship to Residential Addresses?2
Do You Typically Ship to Rural or Less Populated Areas?3
Rate with Surcharges Before Fuel
Fuel Surcharge4
Total Rate
Dollar Increase over Base
Percent Impact of Surcharges

Average Estimated Weekly Volume
Cost at Base Rate
Cost at Total Rate

In addition to the base rate and other common surcharges, the following charges can also raise your costs:

  • Address Correction
  • Undeliverable as Addressed
  • Saturday Delivery Charges

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 This report is an estimate based on your input only. A complete analysis will be provided by a USPS shipping specialist when you request an audit.
1Based on average Ground Shipping Daily Pick-Up rates published in December 2018. Subject to change.
2Based on Ground Residential Surcharge rates published in April 2019. Subject to change.
3Based on Ground Delivery Area Surcharge-Residential rates published in April 2019. Subject to change.
4Based on 90-day average Ground Fuel Surcharge Percentages published in June 2019. Subject to change.