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Measure the Impact of Direct Mail


Direct mail can be a powerful marketing investment. How powerful? Experiment with the Marketing Impact Calculator to see how much your campaigns could bring in.

Marketing Impact Calculator

Fill in the fields below to calculate your estimated return on marketing dollars and see how direct mail can pay off for your business, or request an audit from the experts at the United States Postal Service.

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Congratulations—you got a positive result! Ready to learn how you can create an even higher ROI? Looks like you got a negative result. Don’t worry—even small adjustments can significantly improve ROI. We cannot calculate all results based on your inputs. Please reassess and try again.Connect with a USPS expert.

$XX Value of a single sale

$X,XXX,XXX Lifetime value of campaign
(over X years)

$X,XXX Customer lifetime value
(over X years)

XX% Annual ROI

These results are an estimate based on your input only. Keep experimenting with the numbers to try again.

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Ready to make an impact with direct mail? USPS can help:

  • Refine your ROI analysis.
  • Provide inspiration with examples of the latest innovations in direct mail.
  • Get you up to speed on proven ways to improve customer engagement.

Fill out this quick form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help you achieve a strong and reliable ROI.

Connect With USPS

Postal rates are based on USPS rates published in July 2023. Subject to change.

  1. [1]In the calculation, we will allocate 30% of your total budget toward the costs of writing and designing your direct mail. This is based on industry averages. You may be able to improve your return on investment (ROI) percentage by finding a less expensive design option, such as designing the mailpiece in-house. For a calculation that lets you specify more variables, such as design costs, please connect with a USPS Direct Mail Representative.
  2. [2]Winterberry Group, 2023.
  3. [3]The 2023 State of Direct Mail,” Lob, 2023.

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