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The Future of Direct Mail Is Here and It’s Dynamic

If you think you know direct mail, think again. Thanks to digital data, the marketing channel is helping companies achieve their goals more effectively. Our white paper tells the new story of direct mail as dynamic, fully integrated and hyper-targeted.

What You’ll Learn

Proprietary research centers the piece. Surveying marketing decision-makers in retail, digital commerce, financial services and telecommunications, we learned how they’re using direct mail that’s more dynamic and how it’s delivering for them.

At the end of this white paper, you’ll have the latest intel on direct mail with ways to implement it in your marketing mix.

A Few Teasers

  • Discover the biggest direct mail myths and the facts that contradict them.
  • See exactly how direct mail that’s more dynamic can help marketing respondents achieve their goals.
  • Learn proof points about retargeted direct mail, Informed Delivery® notifications and Informed Visibility® tracking.
  • Explore common challenges for integration, with solutions for each.

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