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3 Ways Direct Mail Has Become More Dynamic

Today’s direct mail isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. No longer siloed from digital channels, direct mail and digital have become smarter together.

Leveraging digital data, direct mail has become dynamic. It’s hyper-targeted, integrated and a powerful part of omni-channel campaigns. Now that direct mail is more dynamic, every interaction can create action.

40% conversion rates when digital and direct mail are combined1

To put mail to work, marketers can leverage three innovations that are here to stay: retargeted direct mail, Informed Delivery® notifications and Informed Visibility® tracking. Explore them all below.

Retargeted Direct Mail

With programmatic technology, companies can now retarget customers with personalized direct mail sent within 12 to 24 hours of a digital interaction.

By setting specific digital triggers and customizing direct mail designs to each customer, marketers can hyper-target their campaigns. That way, they can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Through research, USPS determined the following high-level trend:

68% of marketing respondents who use retargeted direct mail reported an increase in website traffic2

Informed Delivery®

This feature from USPS allows customers to preview their mail before it arrives—viewable via USPS® mobile app, email notification or online dashboard. In the preview, customers can access digital ride-along content that drives them to a company’s website or other digital channels.

Leveraging data, marketers can send different ride-along content by customer segment. That way, a loyal customer and a prospective customer can be served up messaging tailored to their needs.

Through research, USPS determined the following high-level trend:

36% of marketing respondents who use Informed Delivery notifications reported an increase in ROI3

Informed Visibility®

This tool from USPS allows marketers to track their direct mail campaigns and determine when they’re delivered. It also allows for a personalized, omni-channel experience.

With that information in mind, marketers can immediately launch omni-channel efforts on complementary digital channels like paid media and social. Each customer is then targeted at the most optimal time—once they receive their mailpiece.

Through research, USPS determined the following high-level trend:

48% of marketing respondents who use Informed Visibility tracking reported an increase in website traffic4

In Conclusion

Direct mail that is more dynamic has opened the door for more powerful omni-channel marketing, but the story doesn’t end there. In a USPS commissioned research study, we were able to break down the myths behind direct mail, the facts to remember and ways to optimize digital integration. Explore them all in our deep-diving white paper: The Future of Direct Mail Is Here and It’s Dynamic.

1Al Urbanski, “Will Programmatic Direct Mail Be the New Growth Channel?” Direct Mail News, March 3, 2016.

2“Direct Mail Conversion Research,” USPS, February 2019. Please note: All statistics were based on a survey of 75 marketing decision-makers.



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