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Create Direct Mail Campaigns Customers Care About

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Direct mail can be a powerful component in marketing campaigns. Yet many marketers are unsure how—or whether—to get started. Learn how today’s business leaders use mail and how they achieve success.

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Today’s marketers have endless options for creating great campaigns—but this can make it hard to figure out how and where direct mail fits in.

Should it be treated like a science, with a focus on tracking and metrics to prove it’s working? Or more like an art, with a focus on creative, and a more intuitive approach overall?

USPS commissioned proprietary interviews with marketers, small business owners, and printers at well-known companies to discover what kinds of brands use direct mail, how they think of it in relation to other mediums, and how they create effective direct mail campaigns.[1]

The results were varied and diverse, but one underlying theme emerged: Direct mail should be leveraged as both an art and a science.

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