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Spark Your Holiday Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

When results matter most, artificial intelligence (AI) can help marketers deliver. See how your company can start implementing AI-powered solutions this holiday season.

Marketing - Digital Experience | 8-min.

Create an Informed Delivery® Interactive Campaign Today

Learn the basics of an Informed Delivery® interactive campaign and how to submit one with the Mailer Campaign Portal (MCP).

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How Much Could Your Direct Mail Campaign Cost?

Find out what your direct mail campaign could look like and how much it might cost by using this simple estimator.

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Step into Interaction with Omni-Channel

An omni-channel strategy can help drive action across the customer journey. Explore this interactive experience to learn how.

Marketing - White Paper | 8-min. read

The Future of Direct Mail Is Here and It’s Dynamic

Forget direct mail as you know it. The latest innovations in the industry have made the marketing channel more intelligent, integrated and effective than ever before.

Marketing - Article | 6-min. read

Metered Mail 101: The Benefits of Digital Meters

Metered mail can provide businesses a number of benefits – in terms of dollars and time spent. Here, we dive into the many advantages of this service.

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An Interactive Guide to Retargeted Direct Mail

Get a firsthand look at a retargeted direct mail campaign with our educational demo. Learn the benefits, basics and best practices of a campaign.

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Informed Delivery Calculator

Find out your potential return from a direct mail campaign that uses Informed Delivery® with our helpful calculator.

Marketing - Video | 2-min.

How to Make Your Holiday Mail Irresistible

Discover four technologies that can elevate your holiday mail and help you win customers during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Marketing - Infographic | 5-min. read

Five Considerations for Catalogs

Catalogs can make your business stand out. Learn five reasons catalog marketing is worth the investment with this interactive tool.

Marketing - Video | 2-min.

Attaining Customer Retention, Loyalty and Win-Back with Direct Mail

Targeting your current customers may mean more profits for your business. Find out how to keep customers coming back with direct mail.

Marketing - White Paper | 8-min. read

How to Attract New Customers with Direct Mail

Done right, direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers. Why? Because it helps you deliver targeted, marketing messages that are more customized and relevant.

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Measure the Impact of Direct Mail

Discover the potential power of your next direct mail campaign. With the Marketing Impact Calculator, you can estimate your campaign’s ROI.

Marketing - White Paper | 25-min. read

Making Your Direct Mail Postal Ready

Planning a direct mail project? Our useful guide can help you make informed decisions about everything from the size and shape of your mailpiece to the type of service you need.

Marketing - White Paper | 17-min. read

Still Relevant: A Look at How Millennials Respond to Direct Mail

If you want to reach Millennials, don’t rely solely on digital. In this guide, we’ll show you how mail can help cut through the digital clutter and make connections.

Marketing - Lookbook | 25-min. read

Six Ways to Make Your Holiday Messages Stand Out

Connecting with customers during the holiday shopping season is critical. How do you make your message stand out? Try a new twist on the classic holiday card or letter. See examples of how video links, scents, textures, and other enhancements can help your holiday mail come alive.

Marketing - White Paper | 50-min. read

10 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

How to launch a direct mail campaign for small and mid-sized businesses. This activity workbook guides you each step of the way.

Marketing - White Paper | 15-min. read

Direct Mail Differentiators: 9 Ways To Boost Your Next Marketing Campaign

Learn about popular technology and design trends – from Augmented Reality to QR Codes – with detailed information on user experience, response rates and more.